Paper cuts hurt!

In the last month I decided to try my hand at a little bit of paper cutting, or scherenschnitte, after seeing a few artists’ work using only a piece of paper and a sharp implement. I started using my old exacto and ended up with three choice calluses on my thumb, pointer and middle finger. I have a pretty advanced callus on the side of my middle finger from years of drawing, but I must have completely melted my old one and rebuilt a better one because it was really really painful as it was healing! After popping down to my local Riot Arts & Crafts I got a new blade with a rubber handle which has helped heaps even though it doesn’t feel that much softer! I saw other artists had been using scissors so I bought myself some nice ergonomically friendly ones, but I haven’t had a chance to use them yet. Truth be told I’m so used to using a blade, I think that using scissors will be completely different.

Second attempt at a paper cut
This is one of my first attempts, but I used brown card… It was so thick and difficult to cut, so I couldn’t cut nice curves at all. It throws great shadows though!

Swing Dancing

Are you still dizzy?


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  1. Wow! No wonder you have calluses, these must have taken ages. They look fantastic – I especially like the ‘cupcake’ shirt design.

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