Paisley Photoshop brushes for you!

Paisley brushes

Someone asked if I would release another drawing as a Photoshop brush and I declined but I thought it would be nice if I made a DIY paisley brush set, free for personal use. All the paisleys are empty, and I’ve included the flowers and flourishes so you can design your own paisleys! The brushes are of a high resolution, so you can use them to create cards and other things (but only for personal use!) If you’d like to use the brushes (or custom artwork) in a commercial project (ie: you stand to earn money from selling something with the art on it) please get in contact with me so I can arrange a license for you.

Lots of people have contacted me about the peacock vector artwork since I put it up, so I hope you all enjoy this package as much :)

Download Paisley Photoshop Brush set

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  1. Great stuff! Doesn’t hurt that the price is right as well. Tee-hee!

    I’ve become quite a fan… hope all is well.

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