Do you have a happiness buddy?

This ad from is one of the best commercials I’ve seen on television for depression. Usually the ad people rely on stock video of anguished looking people with a hand to the forehead shot in a blue cast, which could just as easily be used for headache tablet commercials. This animation totally nails what it’s like not to have someone to talk to about the stupid things in life, and even pokes a little fun at itself. As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, it really appeals to me because I use humour all the time to get by!

The other thing I adore about the advertisement is that it’s all hand drawn and animated in “off the cuff” style, with a fabulously dry voiceover which could be the voice in my very own head! I have been googling to find the artist behind the animation but can’t turn up anything… so I appeal to you tiny readership, who is the artist or even the ad company responsible for this awesome ad that doesn’t make me roll my eyes so bad I get an eye sprain?

EDIT: I have gDirt under my nails… I found that sense take care of headspace’s advertising but nothing on their site indicates they are responsible for the above tvc. If it was you JOLLY GOOD WORK! if not, daww too bad :(

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