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Because it’s a new year and stuff I thought I’d make a desktop for every month of 2009. I thought about the kinds of things I like on a desktop and realised that I had never really seen what I wanted, so I made it! I like to keep my desktop relatively clear, but I do like grouping my icons in various piles in a vain attempt at organisation. I also like botanical and fauna drawings and, duh, paisley.

If you follow the half assed school of organisation like me, or you have OCD and like to sort things compulsively, I think you’ll like this. Unless you hate how it looks – I guess I’m sorry in that case!

January Desktop 1024x768
1024 x 768

January Desktop 1600x1200
1600 x 1200

January Desktop - 1600 x 1050
1600 x 1050 – Widescreen

To download – click on the resolution you require and it will take you to the flickr page. Click on “ALL SIZES” above the image and then click on “Original”. Download and voila!

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.
You may not upload this desktop to other websites, nor may you use it for any other purpose than to wallpaper your desktop. This also means it’s uncool to alter it and reupload it somewhere as your own work. Soz :(


  1. Hey what a cool idea – you should make a desktop according to how you use it…. It’d be rad if other people did this too, kinda like a group project!

  2. To the wonderful artist!!

    Could you please continue to makes these. This one currently serves as my desktop and it it keeping my life in great organizational detail. I found you on tumblr and your stuff is amazing.


    Sam Love

  3. Oh most excellent! I’m glad I’ve been able to share something that’s helped me, and that it’s been enjoyed by other people too :D

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