The giftmas that won’t end

Tonight I’m giving the gifts we bought in Melbourne to my family, as well as Mum’s birthday present because she was born on this fabulous day. I am pretty sure none of them will check my blog today, so I’m going to post photos!

Giftmas part two

I didn’t do quite so much elaborate drawing on these because my pens are running out of ink. The materials are pretty simple: brown paper, duct tape (best ever!), string, brown card, round corner stamp, scallop scissors and pens and markers. I used an awl to punch the holes too.

Giftmas part two

The lacing is my favourite part. I think I might incorporate this on future things.

Mum's birthday present

This is Mum’s birthday present – a hand bound book for her to write her creative ideas in. It lays flat too, I can’t stand notebooks that don’t lay flat!

Mum's birthday present

This is the best part of making little books. I just love sewing the signatures together! I’m still perfecting my binding technique, but if you want to try to make books you should check out Dave’s book tutorial. It’s incredibly helpful!

I don’t have any of the proper book binding materials – I used things I had lying around to substitute :D


  1. Hello lovely Natalie,
    I do ever so love your blog.
    ok, so the point of this comment is to exclaim at your wrapping, and especially the lacing! hooray for you – clever lady.
    Hope noone peaks at your blog today, these pressie will be a lovely suprise.

  2. Dawwwww thank you :DDDD

    You’re a print maker! I want to screen print so bad… my friend and I have a few supplies but we can’t properly expose the screen and it’s frustrating as hell!!

  3. Dear Natalie–what sweet gifts and book for your mum. What do you call proper book binding materials? I am getting rid of lots of my stuff, so just wondered if I have anything you could use.

  4. Thanks Deborah!
    I think the only proper book binding thing I have is an awl! The cotton is just a sturdy thread I found in the sewing cabinet my nana gave me and everything else is improvised.

    I would love to know what you’re getting rid of!

  5. Get Gabba Screen Printing Supplies in East Brisbane to professional expose your screens. I do and it’s not that expensive. Love you work too!

  6. Hi Natalie,
    Your books are beautiful!
    I want to start book-binding and have no tools to speak of. Improv is fine, but I do at least want an awl. Where can I buy one in Brisbane?
    ~ Jensha

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