Australia Day

the flag

I was going to draw this much better, but we’ve been down the coast in a hospital because my grandfather is ailing and isn’t expected to live for much longer.

At any rate, I hope you had a good day today if you had the day off. I also wanted to mention that I’m not the type of Australian who spends today getting drunk and eating red meat, but I do take time to recognise exactly what this day means to Indigenous Australians. There’s been talk about moving Australia Day to another day out of respect, but I think we should shift the focus from boozing and barbecuing on January 26th to discussing the horrible things that have been buried in our history.


  1. i like the sentiment of the flag.

    you’re also the first person I’ve spoken to or read whom i agree with on that one fundamental point – shifting the date just avoids the issue. surely reconciling our two views of this same date will strengthen us more as a nation than picking some other random, non-contentious date ’cause it’s easier.


  2. Yeh DITTO DITTO DITTO! I just went to your blog and saw your post on the issue and was nodding my head vigorously!

    I think you’ve followed me on twitter? I am so slack with following people back, I’ll rectify the situation now :P

  3. Here Here! Well said. I’m with MQ on the date as a non issue, the real issue is how far we take our “sorry” to be a real force for positive social change through reconciliation.

    I’m proudly Australian, without the need to thump my chest and holler from a car window.

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