I’ve been taking photos

Ragged Blossom's old skirt

Lately I have been trying to take photos to record all the lovely little details I see. I only have a little point and shoot Canon IXUS, but maybe one day I’ll have a nice DSLR and a sassy lens so I can take lots of bokeh photos!

I’ll never lay claim to being a photographer though, it’s too tricky with the apatures and f stops and what nots :PRagged Blossom's new skirt

On a walk

On a walk

On a walk

Sunday flowers


  1. Wow! Very nice – I especially like the first one and the last one. I’m always amazed at the photos I get from my little point and click as well. It is more about being able to compose the picture than it is about fancy equipment, IMHO.

  2. I totally agree with you, but I will admit there’s a bit of photoshopping happening here :P

    I would love a DSLR with a little 50mm lens, or a Lensbaby, just to avoid the photoshopping!

  3. I love the close-ups, especially the first two. Amazing is the quality in cameras these days but I think YOU have the artist’s eye.

  4. I think a good photographer shoots with whatever available to her, it’s not the lens it’s the eyes and what you aim your camera at – you obviously ARE a great photographer already! These are beatuiful!

  5. Wow, the quality of those photos are brilliant. They are gorgeous! I agree to the above, you do have an artists eye.

    I have a Nikon D40 with the kit lens and I love it. It’s fairly cheap too. I’ve always loved photography and I have recently been researching new techniques and what not. Using a DSLR is pretty confusing at first since you have so many options, but so much fun. :)

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