Me, in a Test Everything production

Hey, it’s one of my drawings in lovingly hand printed zine format! I drew this for Rand’s zine “Everything’s Okay, I Drew This For You”. I knew of Rand through Eat Sleep Draw and added him as a friend of flickr. When I saw he was plotting this zine and asking for submissions I had to draw something because I liked the idea so much! The drawing is one of my most popular, with a staggering amount of favourites on flickr… it’s amazing how many people like it!

If you want to buy one of these zines, I suggest you scoot along over here and secure your copy of this very limited edition run.

Anton Abo and Bene Rohlmann

Stefan Joch and Christopher Holloran

The Angry Hedonist


  1. hahahah i like how he put my sadistic drawing at the back, its like “oh. its the end now.” heheheheh.
    i think the zine was awesome! i wish i could have the discipline to do one myself ! and also awesome that we both got published in the same zineeeee :D ok i end my hyperness now.

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