Don’t try to pull a comb through paisley and feather hair


I have been doing a lot of commissioned drawings lately, which is awesome! This one is for the lovely Omega and the one below is for Ms Katy.

Le Petit Gâteau

The exhibition opening at KILN was on Friday night, and I still feel terrible about not taking any photos! I was sort of flustered because it was a little muggy and then a little stormy, and I was running in and out of the gallery saying hi to friends who were kind enough to come by and check out my debut in a gallery! Brisbane demonstrated her seductive two degrees of separation once again: I discovered that Cate at KILN actually went to school with my sister!

Afterwards, we dashed across town to the BTUBtweetup” (I hate using “twords” as a rule but there’s no other way to succinctly explain it!) and had awesome times with awesome peoples. It was moustache-flavoured night, thanks to my entirely rad Poirot moustache necklace that I made earlier in the day!

btub - KRudd's Stimulating Package editionbtub - KRudd's Stimulating Package edition
Messieurs Spencer, Nicole and Tash.

Yes, a moustache!
C’est moi!

People were asking if they could buy the necklace, so I’ve made up five to sell (maybe on etsy or something?) One has already been reserved for Spencer though, because we almost came to fisty-cuffs over the ownership of the moustache :P


  1. oh, you blog is so cool! i found it when i was looking for an invite to… so i may give it a shoot i thought, so i wonder, did you get your invitation? if you did, can you please send me one?

    have a great sunday!



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