Doodling in magazines…

Defacing magazines is fun

I deface my magazines. Yes. I do. I’m not one of those people who keeps a collection of pristine magazines, spines uncracked, ink still smelling… inky and page corners the exact opposite of dog-eared. I admit, this issue of frankie is still current. Tens of… tens on the frankie forum would gasp in horror, but quite frankly it’s my gorram magazine and I’ll do with it what I please!

Defacing magazines is fun

To be honest, I feel as if I’m too old for frankie these days. Things grate with me: the advertising strikes me as trying too hard to fit into this niche little market of teen crafting mavens; and the tone is all… “omgz when we grow up we’ll crochet for a living and save the world by collecting milk cartons and making jewellery out of them but we’ll still have time to look moody in sparsely decorated rooms littered with vintage knick knacks”. I feel like I really ought to be reading a magazine for the late-twenty-something resourceful lady who likes to wear the odd leather moustache now and then.

I keep buying frankie because of the layout and photo editorials I guess, when it comes down to it. There’s heaps of negative space for doodling, and I can exercise my snark bone. I’m so glad I’m not a teenager anymore :)

~~omg massive eta~~
Delicious treats!

I forgot to tell youse about these! They taste exactly like Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups and about a third* of the stupid bloated price shops charge just because they are “imported from Americaland”. I heartily recommend them if you like peanut butter. I’m going to make cupcakes out of them one day!

* I don’t know fractions, but I know savings!


  1. i think these look awesome sauce and your last two girls you illustrated look fantastic too! looking forward to seeing more :)

  2. Bwahaha! Well as one of the many tens actually on the Frankie forum, I think this is a kickarse way to utilize your old mags. Your doodling look sublime, and it’s a shame copyrighty issues would prevent you from selling them.

    (Also, just for the record, I’m sure quite a few of the Frankettes would agree with you that the mag is getting a bit too tweeny…)


  3. hehehe! Thanks for delurking! I remember someone in the forums talking about their mint condition collection and regarded mine with a moment of shame because they’re all scrappy and full of holes or doodles!

    I’m hoping an art director sees my doodles one day and goes “omgosh Ms Natalie, we simply must have your doodles for a shoot in our next edition!” I can dream :P

  4. Where can you get those choc*nuts from? I have a reese’s sweet tooth from when I was a young’un so I’d be up to try. Anywhere on the west side- near Indro?

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  6. hi. those chocnuts are available everywhere here in the philippines. they cost only 1peso each (0.0214454 USD)

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