If I had a cupcake shop…

And yea, Ellie looked upon those cupcakes

If I had a cupcake shop, I would have so much fun designing the packaging. Actually, I don’t want to own a cupcake shop really… I just want to design fun stuff. So I guess I’m in the perfect job already. ha!

Ellie's birthday cupcakes
I made some cupcakes for my friend Ellie’s birthday!

And yea, Ellie looked upon those cupcakes
I think that smug little grin means she liked them :P


  1. So I don’t have a cupcake shop ……yet, but I’m working on it. I would love to have you design the packaging, letterhead, menu, well everything. I love you beautiful deatiled work it’s gorgeous. Would you be interested in some probono (free) work until I get up and running? I’d send you some free sweets.

  2. Well my dear… I DO have a cupcake shop. Not a shopfront to be exact, but a cupcake business!

    I will be hitting you up for packaging design ideas soon!

  3. Oh, I love this box. It has my name on it (okay, so it’s your friend’s name, too.. but it was strange / funny / happy to see my name written on a cupcake box in such pretty pretty writing).
    I’m a friend of Kelley’s (Peppermint Kelley). Be lovely to meet you, maybe at the next Peppermint get together.
    Enjoy your cupcaking…

  4. I will definitely be there, I had a bit of an “afternoon” that day (I apologised to Kelley and felt rotten!)

    I’m glad to meet you, even if it’s on the internet! I do love your graphic prints!

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