Eat, Sleep, Cupcake!

Tim Tam cupcakes with Cedar Creme frosting

I bought the domain to start a group authored cupcake tumblr – for people who make cupcakes and like to show them off. Unfortunately I failed to realise that the submission tool used around tumblr is only for private beta testers, not for me, so my plan collapsed :(

Eat, Sleep, Cupcake is now running as a group tumblr, authored by Kathleen, Heather and myself. You’ll see photos of our baking, and our inspirations, as well as recipes we want to try out!

Milo cupcakes with Milo and condensed milk icing

These were the most delicious Milo cupcakes ever, and the goodies in the first photo are cupcakes I’ve just finished making today! They’ve got crushed Tim Tam bits in them, and they’re iced with Cedar Creme liqueur.

So yeh, you should follow Eat, Sleep, Cupcake. The End!


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