May 2009 desktop – it’s getting chilly! May 2009 desktop demo

I’m not sure where you’re from in the world, but May is generally one of those in-between months and you can never really predict what the weather is going to be like. Fortunately right now in Brisbane there’s a cool nip in the air that takes the edge off the strong sunlight. I have a bunch of felt that I bought for random purposes, and this month I thought it would be nice if I played with it a little bit in Photoshop! The lettering for May was inspired by the marigolds in the gardens of the homes of my childhood. They are such bright and welcoming flowers and make me feel warm looking at them.

I’m proud to offer the following desktops, including wallpapers for a couple of phone resolutions too since that went down well last month! Follow the links to flickr and download the resolution that’s perfect for you.

May desktop - 1600x1200

May desktop - 1680x1050 (widescreen)

May desktop - 320x480 for iPhones
320 x 480 – iPhone

May desktop - 240x320 Sneak peak
240 x 320 – Check it out on my Samsung u700

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.
You may not upload this desktop to other websites, nor may you use it for any other purpose than to wallpaper your desktop. This also means it’s uncool to alter it and reupload it somewhere as your own work. Soz :(


  1. It looks so good! :D
    I love using your wallpapers because they constantly change, and I love seeing such good artwork every time I get on my computer. And I LOVE that your focus is the month for each one.

  2. Wow! Such a different side of your art for May… this one really stands out from the past ones. Thanks for adding some “beautification” to my boring work PC every month. Wish my company would buy Macs!

  3. Gorgeous as usual.

    Does this mean we can look forward to wintery wallpapers for June, July, and August? Because I can always use a nice dose of winter in the middle of our summer. Winter makes me happy.

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