I’m a vlogger and a blogger, I have it all!

So, I have a friend called Heather who has been vlogging for a while and I’ve been hesitantly toeing the water for a while on Vimeo by getting people to ask me questions that I answer on my web cam. It wasn’t until I came across the hilarious communitychannel, created by Natalie Tran, that I felt like I could maybe probably start a vlog on You Tube myself. I was initially apprehensive because of all the trolls I see spouting ridiculous things that their mothers should slap them for, but when I had a look at the actual vlogs I saw that the quality of comments rose steeply.

I love everyone who reads my blog here, and so I want to invite you over to You Tube as well… so we can bring our incredible fancitude to the site and push out the trolls by show of force (and fanciness). You can see my profile page here, where you can also subscribe. (And I hope you do!)


  1. Loved watching the viddy blog ! And the message you were putting out there. I don’t think there is a fixed image of what happiness is either !

    ps. I love your lips & that lipstick colour is awesome ;-D

  2. Thank you!
    I keep getting compliments on the lip colour – it’s Australis Tropicana with a gloss over the top. VV cheap and cheerful!

  3. Ahh cool ! Will look out for that. I love the bright colours that make lips go “pop” ! ^^

    By the way, I know it sounds like such a suck up comment but I really love your art work and your wallpaper is my desktop background each month !

  4. I love it when people suck up, ha! But seriously, some days I’m like “whyyyy do I do stuffff?” and then lovely people like you say nice stuff and it makes me feel fabulous again :D

  5. I just found your blog, and I love it. Your vlog was awesome too. :)

    I just started out doing videos on Youtube too, they’re a lot of fun! That’s what happens when you’re bored during the summer I guess.

    Can’t wait to read and see more.

  6. It’s really cool for you to say that. I just feel really sad about being fat at this moment. And it really encourages me. But it’s not easy to accept yourself as who you are sometimes. You look at all the little things and you got so bummed about it.

    I’ll keep checking your youtube. I’m so excited that you finally make videos now.

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