Fanciful Friday

Surprise! It’s Friday! I really have no idea where my week went, but I suspect you’ll find it under a pile of eraser leavings and pencil shavings. I keep a tin full of them, I’m not even kidding. As for the picture, I wanted to share just how fancy I am. Even when brushing one’s teeth one must maintain a semblance of fanciness. Mine can be found in the spittle of toothpaste on my upper lip. D: If you’re on dailybooth you should add me!

Enough of that, how about this:

Esther Coombs does amazing doodling on tea cups. If you know me, you already know that I’m so hot for teacups AND doodling, so I was rather struck with the vapours when I came across Esther’s work. You can buy her doodly crockery on etsy but this lovely specimen is long sold :(

• I love most of Steven Meisel‘s photographs, and this one is tres fancy. Neat hedges? Check. Black gown? Check? Incredible headwear? Check? Secateurs? Check. Rightio, let’s go bask in our fabulousness.

• This is my type of coffee table book. You can call me an ironic jerk, I don’t care.

Kathleen's iphone is a whimsybox
• My lovely friend Kathleen, who is a fellow fancy lady, took this photo with her iPhone. I was shocked. What kind of world do we live in where most of us can have access to such amazing technology? A PRETTY AWESOME ONE. Who’d want to live in the past? Certainly not me. Of course, that’s my whimsyfscking type over the top, I couldn’t resist!

I call this
• These are my feet, totally reeking of fancitude. Sorry about the blurry picture old chaps, but I don’t have a snazzy iPhone :( I went to the shops and people stared at me. This is just how I roll. I can’t decide whether to call this look “Nana Chic” or “Nana Glam” – how about you decide?


  1. i have been searching for the perfect tea cups to accompany my morning tea. these are so cute! oh and love the purple tights!

  2. haha ahh this post and all that is in it is fantstic.

    1. I love that iphone picture, but I love your words on it more.

    2. the cups are gorgeous. that would be so much fun to draw on cups. But would they last washing? haha probably not!

    3. you are hilarious.

    Renee x

  3. The tea cups Esther doodles on are gorgeous, but I’m not sure they are for everyday usage. I’m concocting all sorts of ideas about collaborating with a ceramic artist now, so I can make properly usable doodly tea cups!

  4. I have these moments of anxiety when I worry that I won’t be able to think of any more witty captions. ha!

    On Esther’s etsy site she says that they aren’t suitable for dishwashers. I think they’re meant to be more objects d’art if you know what I mean.

    RE 3 – PLS SEE FIRST PARA. I really do worry about not being funny. How tragic.

  5. Your silver shoes and purple tights are the bomb… I LOVE your style! You looking absolutely rocking – keep up the good work!

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