Let’s Thrill Brisbane

I was watching the triple j hottest 100 of all time on rage just before, and Thriller came on. You know I’m a massive Michael Jackson fan, and they played the WHOLE mini movie from beginning to credits! When I was a kid I would try to dance along to it, but it’s pretty intense choreography so mostly all my sisters and I did was the lurchy hand movement from side to side (picture relevant!) I was trying to dance along to the clip and failing miserably, so after it ended I rushed to google to ask Dr Internet for a cure to my Thriller choreo blues.

I found Thrill the World, a world-wide mob of zombies dancing to Thriller at the same time everywhere on earth – and now I’m totally obsessed with the idea of doing it in Brisbane. Gather the hordes to stomp, shuffle ha slide and booty swim!

You can learn how to do all the choreography from the instructional videos. Now… where’s the most awesome place we can lurch, shuffle and drop our limbs? I’d love to do it at South Bank, ha!

There’s a Brisbane group on facebook. If we abide by the Guiness World Records rules, we could possibly beat Toronto’s record of 62 undead Thriller dancers set in 2006.

Start learning the moves, and join a horde near you STAT!


  1. ZOMG!! It’s on my BIRTHDAY!

    I can do the Thriller dance. Or I used to be able to. I will have to try it again.

    I think it’s an awesome idea.

  2. I need to commit time in my diary to learning the dance. You should have seen me trying to dance to the video clip at 2am.

    And what an amazing birthday party it will be!

  3. Firstly – How have I never found you blog before?
    Secondly – you are blinding me with your awesomeness!
    This is all pure gold, and I’ll be practicing the Thriller moves in my lounge this evening. I’ve always wanted to know how to do this.
    A round of applause for you!

  4. Hurrah!
    I’m joining this year in Brisbane.
    I’ve already learnt the dance.
    Isn’t it brilliant?!
    Ahhh, this is going to be awesome.
    Hopefully there will be at least 50 people this year!

  5. Ahhh shit. According to Brisbane's Thrill The World organizer, the event probably won't be happening. I nearly shat my pants when I heard that. I… am… so… damn… devastated. :(
    I've been enthusiastic about this darn event for MONTHS!!! I've been pissin' my friends off about it every single day. Gosh. I am pathetic.
    But don't lose hope yet, Thriller-ers. The cancellation has not yet been confirmed. I'm praying that it WILL happen, otherwise I will shoot myself.
    Anyway, what do you think about this? :/

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