The “Op” stands for opportunity!

damn girl

Yesterday Sonya and I hit the op shops up and down the road I live on in our (never ending) quest to find fabulous dresses. Unfortunately, the fashions had been rather picked through everywhere we went – and there weren’t any decent plus size sections in any of the three shops we went through! What’s the deal? I have a suspicion that the people who organise the shops and warehouses claim all the good stuff first! Maybe I should start volunteering at a Vinnies :P

Op shop booty

I did find a few great crafty things and items for my house though! I have never really gone to an op shop to find household items before, but I think I’m a convert after finding:
⇒ A set of three embroidery hoops (Watch out for some embroidered paisley in the future! Pow!)
⇒ Doilies of all sizes, shapes and colours. (I have previously bought all my doilies from ebay in bulk.)
⇒ A brick red table cloth that I’ll use for my coffee table – with doilies on top :P
⇒ 10 ties of varying thicknesses and fabrics for crafty repurposing.
⇒ The best thing ever: TEA CUP CURTAINS.

Nana necklace

For a few months I’ve been wanting to start making jewellery out of reclaimed items, like the doily necklace (above) I made a few weeks ago! I got so much inspiration out of going op shopping – even if there weren’t any fashion finds. Highly recommended, A+ would do again!

Speaking of recycling… Nick and I did a duet of Knowing Me, Knowing You by Abba the other night and posted it to Twitter. If you haven’t heard it yet, you really ought to listen. Nick’s falsetto is his secret power!


  1. I asked an op shop owner about the lack of plus sized sections once, and she said it’s because plus sized women don’t go in to op shops and buy clothes as often as smaller women. But plus sized women don’t buy clothes from op shops very often because of the lack of offerings, so it’s a vicious cycle!

  2. There aren’t any good op shops near us, you have to drive out to the burbs to find anything good. It make me sad :[

    Those curtains are AMAZING! So fancy. :D
    And the Knowing Me Knowing You duet is awesome.

  3. GOD, WHAT A VOICE! I mean, both of you. Loved it so much.

    And you’re such an artist :D just found you today playing on Tumblr and loved your September desktop, I’m totally into it – and I finaly found something for my 240×320 cell phone screen. Thanks :D



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