Fanciful Friday

I have been thinking about animals a lot this week, and how much I would love to be able to adopt one. We rent, and our landlords are decidedly against fanciness, aesthetics, safety (remember the exploding fuse incident?!) and of course, the keeping of any kind of animal. Despite their reluctance to chill out and trust us (we’re long term residents!) I adopted an elderly rat last year and kept him secretly, but he passed away about 7 months after we took him in. Since then I have been too distraught to think about taking in another animal because every time I think about Willis my eye twitches, and my lip wobbles, and I’m reminded that pets die. So I think that this Fanciful Friday I will celebrate being able to think about adopting another animal again!

⇒ I don’t mind if you think I’m making up the definition of “fancy” on the fly, but THIS IS FANCY, because I think “fancy” should cover a hearty helping of WTF and lunacy. This image came from a Photoshop contest on Freaking News.

Melody Seal‘s fancy animal illustrations are adorable! I was trying to find this as a print in her etsy shop but I think they’re all gone. She has plenty of other cute stuff too… Lucky!

⇒ Nicole J. Georges draws portraits of animals and makes sure they look their fanciest. You can buy Nicole’s original art and prints on etsy, or you can get a custom portrait of your own fancy animal!

⇒ I NAME THEE… FANCY PEACOODLE. Go check out the other crazy poodle hair styles… I love the panda one too!

⇒ Larry the Chaise Longue Lizard. I wish I could give you a source for this but I just stumbled across it!!

⇒ Seriously, now I have discovered the delights of lizards sitting on miniature furniture, my life is so much better.

⇒ I discovered Unicorn Vs Dolphin by basehead a few years ago but it ALWAYS makes me happy. Even though it’s kind of sinister, the rainbow makes it all better.

⇒ Infographics are awesome, but infographics about mythical creatures are even better. This was created by preshaa on flickr, who I can only assume is either Unwin and/ or Crane. Genius!

I swear I have even more fancy animal photos I could share, but this post is definitely long enough for now!!


  1. That’s the most amazing diagram I have ever seen. Also, I’m kind of bitter that the horse in that portrait has better hair than me!

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