Red Bubble are collaborating with Stefen Sagmeister on the Happy project, and I submitted this piece (called “five“) to the contest. Basically we were asked to rate ourselves on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being depressed and 10 being elated, and submit a piece based on a template for inclusion in Sagmeister’s “Happy Film”. I put myself right in the middle at “five” because most of the time I feel fairly neutral – but that’s not to say I have a phlegmatic personality… on the contrary. I feel like a pendulum, at rest in the middle and liable to swing to and fro when I am jostled! So while I am neutral, I’m also playful.

I was given the opportunity to submit a question for Stefen, and he graciously answered it! My question was

“Do you consider yourself a designer even when you’re not being paid to solve problems, and if so, how can you separate that from being an “artist” who solves personal/cultural problems?”

I’m not sure if it comes across, but my question was an earnest one. I am often confused between the art/ design label, especially when it comes to the work of Sagmeister and also Marian Bantjes. I tend to dabble in this sort of “no man’s land” between art and design, and as such I really look up to these design heroes. Stefen’s answer is great, and really helped to clarify his position too!

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