Fanciful Friday: What I wore today edition

Gemma Correll started the “What I Wore Today” flickr group for people who love drawing and don’t really like posting photos of themselves to the internet. I think it’s such an awesome idea, even though you know I’m not shy about posting photos of myself!! Today’s Fanciful Friday is all about illustration, and how people interpret themselves through drawing. I think it’s fascinating! Gemma also created a blog to show off her favourite drawings from the group.

KatieGreenBean‘s cello is a beautiful, but heavy accessory!!

stevesubg does the most incredible illustrations of his outfits, combining his lovely technique with typography.

⇒ I love emma_brown‘s shirt!

⇒ The border around mennajenkins is so lovingly made, it makes me happy!

neithlocay‘s outfit is deliciously fancy. It reminds me of Nana Mouskouri!

What I wore: 17 August 2009
⇒ Andddd we have me. This was my first attempt at drawing my outfit with my cheap graphics tablet, and it was nothing special… just your typical freelancin’ couture!

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