All new, again!

I decided to move my website from the Serendipity platform to WordPress, and in the process figured that if I was going to port the design over… I may as well redesign it! So now has a new bone structure and a makeover, and I’m quite proud of her! You should come check it out.

Unfortunately due to the change to WordPress and Disqus the commenting system, I’ve lost some comments and some of the formatting may be a bit wobbly. If you spot a post where the formatting looks odd, please do drop me a comment to tell me! I know for sure that in my last post all the comments were lost, so that just means you’ll have to comment 150% harder :P

I need to thank Nick for helping me with all the hard bits over the last few days. You’re the best husband I’ve ever married!


  1. why the move, m'dear? new design looks very 'business like'. hope that's the look you were going for? i like it, anyways. you're looking heaps hot in your 'about me' profile pic at the top there also!

  2. The platform I was using, Serendipity, wasn't well supported and the back end was a bit clunky. After doing a few sites for people using WordPress I decided that I wanted to make the gargantuan move over for my blog!

    The redesign was meant to be tighter and less scrappy. I had grown tired of my last layout already, even though it was only a few months old! I'm not really sure what gives the site a “business like” feel for you though!! I would have done gradients, boxes with rounded corners and corporate grey blues if that was what I was going for :P

  3. For shizz! I love the new look. Quite fancy, me thinks!

    Well done on getting through the transition with minimal interruption, and only a few comments lost, that's a mighty achievement!

  4. A bit late to the party, but what did you think of Serendipity? Would you recommend it to someone who wants control of their blog, but is a complete novice to all the design and coding?

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