Are you ready for summer in Brisbane?

Summer in Brisbane requires natural fabrics, litres and litres of iced water, swimming pools and very little dignity. For about 5 months we all swelter together in the most undignified manner, and very few people manage to survive for more than a few hours in the oppressive humidity without pools of sweat congregating under their arms or developing perspiration-slicked faces.

To celebrate the small period of time I have left before descending into complete anti-fanciness, I decided to try out Polyvore and put together some outfits. All of these items are plus sized garments, and all of the shoes are for wider feet.

Notice that these clothes are mostly dark colours? For some reason retailers assume fat people only want to wear black (insert murmurings of “flattering” and “slimming”, gag). Because of this, I am desperately searching for floral garden party dresses and maxi-dresses! If you’ve seen any, do let me know… or else I shall surely perish in my swathes of black clothing :(


  1. I'm def going to do more fashion stuff, I just never thought I had any “authority” to in the past!! It's my blog, so I guess if I don't have the authority to say anything here, I can't say it anywhere!

    I don't hate City Chic per se, I just resent the quality/ cost ratio. I have quite a few of their garments!!

  2. boots in brisbane in summer?! that's just crazy talk! I love the outfits (although I agree that florals and dresses would be lovely, PS fashion here sucks!) though, maybe sandals with the first one would be more doable… for me, anyway. I get sweaty feet like whoa!

  3. I have discovered the key to wearing boots in hot weather – I bought these really expensive but VERY awesome socks from Athlete's Foot and I wear them whenever I wear boots. Not only do they wick away the perspiration but they make me feel very cool and comfortable (they have a padded sole). I'm the sort of person who perspires a lot too!

  4. I have in my mind this very pretty cream floral dress with wide straps and a cross over bit at the bust. Do you think I can find something like that here? Bah! NO.

    I did buy a copy of the January 1963 edition of “Home Journal” today which has a pattern for this VERY CUTE dress. I will need to scan it in because I think it would look awesome.

  5. I will only be limited by the plus size fashion resources online… soooooo actually fairly limited :P

    It takes ages to find all the garments you actually like, clip them to Polyvore and construct the collage. Some sites don't have product images that work with Polyvore either (eg: they use flash, ugh; or they have models wearing the garments, double ugh). But I will strive to do more!

  6. Oh, totally, fair enough, it is very important to be fussy for yourself! I don't think there's any other NZ sites that I can suggest though…

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