Save handwriting!


This quote from Drawn! makes me sad:

The decline of cursive is happening as students are doing more and more work on computers, including writing. In 2011, the writing test of the National Assessment of Educational Progress will require 8th and 11th graders to compose on computers, with 4th graders following in 2019. Handwriting is increasingly something people do only when they need to make a note to themselves rather than communicate with others, she said. Students accustomed to using computers to write at home have a hard time seeing the relevance of hours of practicing cursive handwriting.

Considering I do a lot of hand lettering, you’d think it should put me in a good position to make $$$$$! I can only hope :D

In related news: (If you do what you love every day EVERYTHING is related!) I just got my copy of Mike Perry‘s Hand Job this morning and spent a lovely hour browsing through all of the amazing typography. Dear Mike Perry, pls include me in your illustrious subset of illustrators and graphic designers.

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