Fanciful Friday: Random fancy

⇒ My friend Pete posted this video on twitter yesterday, it’s just gorgeous!

⇒ I said it on tumblr, and I’ll say it here: So fancy it makes my eyes water. Via Design*Sponge.

⇒ Lady Agnew by John Singer Sargent. I saw a few of Sargent’s paintings last Friday night, in the flesh!

⇒ Now that I have my Nana’s display cabinet here, I can start saving up so I can collect tea cups like this one from Vandelized Vintage! (Gifts of said tea cups always graciously accepted, teehee!)

⇒ This is by Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir… and one day I want to do my hair like this. Incredible.

⇒ I have no information on this photo. All I know is that it’s the fanciest thing on earth.

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  1. Trixie Delicious' stuff is AMAZING. I love it so so much. It's pretty and naughty. My favourite.

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