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Saturday was a big day, with a Tupperware party and two footy games on the big plasma tv at my sister’s. I’m not really into footy, so I decided to kick into frou frou mode for the Tupperware party to spite the cloying masculinity of the day, where I was recruited into holding one of my own so Michelle could get free stuff. It’s what sisters apparently do!

Top: Bonds
Dress: Evans
Tights: Now (Kmart)
Shoes: Target
Headpiece: Made by me

Tupperware party

I’ve been working hard on a bunch of little accessories made out of reclaimed materials. This headpiece was originally a tie! In addition to headpieces I’m working on moustache necklaces as well as other leather and lace pieces, but I’m not sure where I should sell these. Etsy? Big Cartel? My own little web shop? I don’t know, help me please!

One last thing – if you take photos of your outfits, or you want to start, you should join I’m over here!


  1. Come up for the 24th of October, we're having one then! Though it's combined with a Windows 7 launch party, so it should be especially nerdy and full of battles between my iMac and Nick's PC.

  2. I vote for selling on Etsy, but that's just because DUDE… I love Etsy.

    Also, I think I commented on the dress on your flickr, but i must say again, it is really REALLY cute. You look awesome. Jealous you got to rock that to a Tupperware party. I don't own anything made by them after 1980, but what I have, I fucking love. I need some tupperware.

  3. Love the rose/pinecone/Ascot/mini-top-hat silhouete of that tie headpiece. Also, I would be a crazy Tupperware fan if they still sold the old stuff. Old tupperware rocks.

  4. I would absolutely purchase some of your tie headpieces. They are divine! I shop on Etsy all the time and as a buyer it is extremely easy to process a purchase. I guess however you ideally require feedback from those who have an Etsy store!

    Tupperware never goes out of fashion. The older you get the more functional it becomes…or so I have noticed.

  5. Etsy isn't perfect but it's pretty great. The best thing is that it's so much easier to get customers there when you're just starting out.
    You're automatically included in the search results, and it's a popular site that's only getting bigger!

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