Delicious savoury muffins!

Savoury muffins

I wanted to bake some savoury muffins for my husband to take to work and for general snacking noms, because I think I have just about hit my strawberry limit (Queensland seems to be having some kind of strawberry explosion at the moment). This recipe is super flexible: you can swap veges in and out and probably even reduce the amount of butter too. The amount of muffins it yields is totally dependent on your muffin/ cupcake tray and how much you fill each hole up, but I got 18 last night!

Savoury muffin recipe

Click to go to the flickr page – hit “All Sizes” to get the original sized jpg to print out.


Lemme tell ya something about muffins, toots. They’re delicious. They’re delicious and I won’t hear a word against them!
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