Doodle on yourself


People are starting to believe that I am a trend whisperer. By people, I mean my friend Tee, who tweeted about doodles and fake tattoos at the Gaultier, Chanel and Rodarte shows. I can’t even remember what I said about doodling on people… but it might have been a flip comment in response to Drew Barrymore’s black lace and banana yellow dress at the Toronto International Film Festival. It looks like someone’s doodled on her, right?

fake tattoo
So I’m just putting it out there… stylists, photographers and designers – this doodle is for hire.


  1. You are definitely positively in fron tof the curve on this one. I remember we discussed skin doodles. Your recommendation of using liquid eyeliner was brilliant. Inspired.

    I think on-skin-doodling shoud be a big part of the Doodlefest. Bags being a skin model. Puh-lease?

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