Show us your doodle. Your lunchdoodle!


Some smart, funny and good looking people (who will no doubt quibble over how I’ve linked them!) came up with the idea of lunch doodles over Twitter, and they’d been showing each other the funny drawings they’d done while eating lunch (or working, but don’t tell their bosses that!) I thought it was such a rad idea that I decided to make it an official “thing”, so now we have a @lunchdoodle twitter account and #lunchdoodle tumblr.

How can you lunchdoodle?

  1. Follow lunchdoodle on Twitter and/ or tumblr.
  2. A theme will be announced every day on Twitter (mid-morning Brisbane time). Doodle your response to the theme.
  3. Submit your doodle to the tumblr here or post it via TwitPic as a reply to @lunchdoodle.
  4. Profit (profits not guaranteed!)

#lunchdoodle 3 -  behind the door
My lunchdoodle for today’s theme “Behind the door”.

I’m really excited about lunchdoodling, because I think it’s a great way to exercise your brain and help you to express things. It doesn’t matter how well you can or can not draw, I’ve already seen some fantastic ideas being expressed that weren’t drawn by “proper artists” at all!

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