How to get ready in 10 minutes

The other day when I was getting ready to go out I thought I’d record my ritual. This is my “bare minimum” face for being presentable outside my house and I’ve done it since I was in my teens. I have acne that is impervious to over the counter treatments (believe me, I’ve wasted so much money!) so make up has always been my mask. I feel very self conscious if I am without foundation and in a way, it is quite limiting having this anxiety about showing my real face. I guess this video is about unveiling my mask and my ritual, more than anything.

The song “Marie-Claire” is by Elfes, and the lyrics are in French but when I passed them through Google Translate (I hope that link works!) they spoke about body image anxiety – so I thought it was rather appropriate!


  1. Squee! You are such one glamorous lady. For some reason I love watching these videos – like that video that someone posted on Axis the other day of a woman doing her hair up like Rosie the Riveter. I think I probably love them so much because I'm so UNglamorous – CAN'T do make up, CAN'T do my hair properly. Looking good ;)

  2. I find most lipsticks to be really drying so at the very least I wack on some Burt's Bees! If I want really glossy lips I'll put a tacky shiny gloss underneath and then put lippie on!

  3. I've seen people apply eyeliner one handed! I can't do that at all. I was struggling to put it on here because when you record from your cam in iMovie it flips the image!!

  4. What foundation are you using? It looks like its got great coverage, does it last all day? (you're gorgeous!)

  5. Natalie you are so gorgeous!! I wish that I had lovely full lips like you do :) But thanks for the awesome video – I definitely got a few tips out of that… Well done on promoting a positive body image girl! I love your artwork as well!!! :)

  6. Loving yr style with each passing day, Natalie – looking fly! Particularly envious of your hair, especially the new joyous shaved bit, which I've been considering myself… not sure if I'm brave enough, though!

  7. Loved, loved, loved this. I too suffer from chronic acne (and worked as a professional skin care consultant and makeup artist for years) and the most expensive treatments have all failed me. I'm srsly curious about your makeup! That's some fantastic foundation coverage!

  8. It's just Revlon's ColorStay – I've used it since I was a teenager! Nothing really beats it in that price range for coverage and endurance :P

    I also love Pola's Southern Call powder foundation, it's incredible but veryyyy exxy!!

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