My Collection

love buttons

I keep forgetting to do the My Place and Yours theme! This week’s is My Collection, set by Fox’s Lane.

I have collections of a few little things: pens, pencils, doilies but nothing big. They’re all useful things too. The biggest collection I have is buttons… just random buttons. Pearl buttons, shirt buttons, spare buttons, leather buttons… none of them are especially pretty, they all found their way to me in rather boring ways too. It’s just really handy to have a lot of buttons, you never know when you can use one.

Do you like my heavily abused work table?! I always spill my ink.


  1. Love buttons, they always come in handy somewhere along the line. My work table has lumps of glue and paint stains…shows we do actually work at them. :)

  2. Ohhhhhhhh i ssoo LoVe BuTtOnS too..such a FuN thing to collect, don'tya think!!..your RaNdOm button collection ROCKS as does the way you've laid them out on your sweet messy work table :))

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