Aaaand the winner is….

I have been deliberating over the winner of the Ezibuy $50 voucher for about an hour, and decided to make up little collages to help me! Thank you to everyone who entered; I am really delighted that you had a go at creating a fancy outfit for yourself, and Piaochong and Samedog even put together their own collages (which you can see above, along with Katy, Mellie and Zoe’s outfits).

Samedog’s outfit was hilarious and I was very pleased that a male entered because so many people thought Ezibuy only sold women’s clothes!

Miss Mellie’s ensemble involved glitter and layers, incorporating the tank with the skinny jeans in a way I’d never really considered before.

Zoe’s neutral jumpsuit combo perfectly suits her laidback fashion style, and I love those sandals!

Katy’s accessories complimented that gorgeous dress perfectly, pulling purple, red and nude out of the pretty print.

But finally, we have our winner: Piaochong. This outfit made me squeal, it’s so over the top! I have always adored flamenco dancing dresses, but contrasting that military style cardigan against it and the hareem pants really pushed my vote towards this very fancy combination. For details on the pieces in her outfit:

Cardigan: Mcqueen (via polyvore)
Ezi Buy: Sara
Flamenco lady portrait
Hair band: thehoneycomb
Accessories: earrings (via polyvore); bracelet 1 (via polyvore); bracelet stack (via polyvore)
Heels: Oh Deer

Congratulations Piaochong! I’ll be emailing you with your voucher code very soon!

Thanks for entering, I hope I get to do more give-aways in the new year… this was fun.


  1. You are right Natalie, this WAS fun! Piaochong's outfit is amazing, well deserved winner – that cardigan is fantastic!
    Can you do another one soon? Puh-lease?

  2. *squeel* Yay!
    Thank you ever so much! I have already spent the voucher on those Sara Harem pants that i love! you made my day!
    *does a happy dance*

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