A night at Byblos

Love the interior at Byblos!

Last night I went out with the fabulous Sonya to dine and sip fancy cocktails at Byblos within the recently enfancened Portside district. The food menu is based on pretty classic Mediterranean dishes but the cocktail and drinks list is the real stunner.

Dinner with Sonya
But first, what I wore:
Nick took this when I came home, so that’s why I look all tipsy and sassy!

Tshirt (under dress) – Yours Clothing
Dress – Evans
Leggings – Kmart
Boots – Torrid
Bag – Satchi (Myer)
Necklace – Bourjois disco ball with lip gloss inside

Rekakat The Mixed Platter
Next – the food. I ordered the Rekakat and Sonya ordered The Mixed Platter. I found the Rekakat to be lovely and not too oily despite being fried, but it really missed something acidic. The menu says it’s paired with tomato but mine came with undressed lettuce leaves and shredded carrot, and in my opinion the tomato would have paired much better with such a salty cheese filled parcel. Sonya loved the mixed platter but it was huge and filling! We probably could have shared it and been well satiated.

Byblos cocktails
1. Macadamia Colada, 2. Byblos Citrus Punch and The Violet Martini, 3. Cherry Julep and The Phoenician Sunset, 4. Singapore Sling

But the best part – cocktails! Byblos do some fantastic cocktails, and while I’m not an expert and I can’t tell you if everything was as it’s supposed to taste and served as it’s supposed to be served, I can tell you that I loved them all very much. My favourite was the Cherry Julep, seriously yummy but rather potent!

The other best part was the interior fit out. Coming from an architectural/ marketing background I really appreciate when venues take care with their interiors. We sat in the lounge area and it was pretty dimly lit, hence the poor food and drink photos, but it was a very comfy place to chat for a few hours.

Nick and I are planning to take a trip to Melbourne in a few week’s time, so if you’ve got any wining, dining or accommodation suggestions please let me know in the comments!


  1. I seriously have to go back there for much more drinking times /alcho. It's such a pretty place!

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