Friday Fance: We Can Fance

The Queensland State Library has a flickr account that they constantly update with more and more vintage photographs of life in Queensland. I am fascinated by it, and loved this particular photograph. A commenter pointed out that the photo was entirely staged as none of the fruit are mature enough to pick and the woman is dressed far too fancy to be getting her hands dirty in the red soil!

I’ve just finished watching the last of the Life TV series by David Attenborough, and was taken by the underwater cinematography. Coral is fascinating and wonderful to look at but also a very necessary and living part of the ecosystem along the Great Barrier Reef. It makes me sad that it’s under threat because of bleaching caused by climate change.

Rita Moreno’s character Anita was my favourite in West Side Story. I loved how full of life and strength she was and the scene where she and Maria are singing A Boy Like That/ I Have a Love always makes me tear up!

Gosh I love Anita in this scene!

And to leave you on a less sentimental note… the kick-arse Leslie Hall from Leslie and the Ly’s. Whenever I think about the Genesis of Fance, I have to credit Leslie. I remember seeing her amazing gem sweaters and listening to her hilarious songs on myspace ages ago. I think she is pretty much one of the Godmothers of Fance.


  1. A song for Leslie and Natalie

    We can fance if we want to
    We can leave your friends behind
    Because your friends don't fance and if they don't fance
    Well they're no friends of mine

    I say, we can fance, we can fance
    Everything out of control
    We can fance, we can fance
    We're doing it from wall to wall
    We can fance, we can fance
    Everybody look at your hands
    We can fance, we can fance
    Everybody takin' the cha-a-a-ance

    Keep the fancing up ladies, you're an inspiration!

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