Friday Fance: A pastel mood

This collection of photos is all pale and pastelly by coincidence because I’m not normally drawn to lighter hues. I am very much enjoying all these things right now though!

This is but a sampling of Julie Moon’s lovely sculptural pieces, you really ought to go check her portfolio out! There’s so much stuff I like, from the shapes to the fine and doodly details.

Isn’t this the most adorable outfit ever? cocorosa posted this to chictopia, and I think it’s the best.

Hello, cupcake jars! Photo by earlymourning.

I would love to have a little space like this but it certainly wouldn’t stay neat and cute because I am a whirlwind of destruction. I wish I knew where this came from, so if you know please tell me!

I hope to walk down an avenue lined with cherry blossoms in bloom one day in my life. This lovely photo is by Satomi Shirai, and it was taken in New York.


  1. Those flowers on the sculpture are charming, but I want nothing to do with that goose. It reminds me of the cement goose my Grans had on our porch, all dressed up for each holiday. Frightening.

    That little nook is inspiring, but it would never be enough room for me to get down and dirty (creatively speaking…). Otherwise, I be tempted to toss my washer and dryer and take over my laundry “nook”. It's about that size. LOL

    Ooh the cherry blossoms. Aren't they swell?

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