Wooloongabba Antique Centre: amazing

My mum would love this!

My cousin is getting married very soon and her “bad taste bridesmaid” hen’s night is this weekend so I went with my sister to find some terrible (yet incredible) frocks. We decided on a whim to stop into the Wooloongabba Antique Centre and stayed there for hours exploring the place! It’s a warehouse jam-packed with vintage stuff that will make you weep. The only reason why I didn’t buy so many things was a lack of money and space in our apartment, but you could decorate your whole house with amazing finds.

It is much like the Paddington Antique Centre and Chapel St Bazaar in that the space is given to individuals running stalls within the warehouse. Each stall has its own flavour and products, and some of them are really beautifully styled.

My sister was spoilt for choice in the dress department and went home with two gorgeous frocks (I don’t even think they’re bad taste, I love bad 80s frocks!) I went home with photos and the burning desire to sell everything I own and start again ;)

Click the link to see the rest of my photos from Wollongabba Antique Centre.

Shabby chic overload
It’s like shabby chic vomited everywhere, spectacular!

Terribly whimsical
So terribly whimsical, couldn’t you just picture yourself living in this stall?

How whimsical
I love that stove!

I want this set!
And this crockery set!

Excellent poster!
A Madame Talbot poster that I was so close to buying. You can actually buy them from Madame Talbot for a lot cheaper, so I might do that!

Hello hello baby
I love old phones and I LOVE cameos, so this is pretty much my dream phone.

Oh dear
Nice, uh, shakers? The sticker says “Lady Boobs”, haha!

Pretty things
This stall had some beautiful 1930 – 1950s dresses, accessories and undergarments.


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