Pls sir, I want some moiré

An art exhibition opening on a Sunday? Goodness, my brain just divided by zero! I wore what I’d usually wear to a night time event, something a bit crazy and fance. The Departure exhibition was at a council gallery just out of Brisbane, and I think that’s why the event was held at such an unusual time, but I wasn’t going to let the venue or the time stop me from over dressing. I love over dressing!

Dress: Yours Clothing
Tights: Asos Curve
Shoes: Evans
Necklace: Gift
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage
Bag: Dangerfield

I’m on now too! Woo, gonna bring my awkward poses and make all those fay-like hipsters weep. And then we’ll eat dumplings. (Dumplings are the new cupcake, pass it on.)


  1. Love the dress, it's fab. lol, can't wait to see you on lookbook, you can show those hipsters a thing or two about how it's done.

  2. Hello lovely, just wanted to let you know there is a little surprise waiting for you over at my blog (in the form of a Sunshine award). Thanks for adding a little sunshine to my days! xox

  3. Show those hipsters what it is all about! And I really need to start wearing strapless dresses with tee-shirts! You look fab.

  4. Your tights are super exciting! I miss your blonde hair though.. especially with the shaved bit (not that it doesn't look smashing dark as well).

  5. I love your lipstick, it totally makes this look for me. Not to mention your sunglasses are devine.
    You look amazing.

  6. Garments are sickeningly expensive in Australia. A pair of comparable leggings in plus size from an Australian retailer (they don't even exist anyway!) would be around AUD$80-90! Even plain leggings aren't much cheaper than that.

    I'm always pleased with what I can buy for my AUD in the UK. I don't much buy from the US even though the savings are good, because shipping is always exorbitantly prohibitive.

    It's expensive business putting clothes on your body in Australia :(

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