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It seems like everyone has a blog these days, and cutting through the crowd feels like a really hard job. Sometimes it can feel like a lonely experience, talking to an empty comment wall! While a select number of bloggers seem to be getting a lot of press, it can feel like you’re being overlooked – when the simple fact of the matter is that sometimes it’s just that visibility begets more visibility. I was discussing blogger visibility on twitter with @lapocketrocket, @literalgemini, @deepqueendiva and @blogtobealive and we all thought doing a weekly blog roundup was a super idea. So, I thought I would introduce a new regular post on my blog, one where I can help build community and promote other bloggers.

I’d remembered seeing a link script on Meet Me at Mike’s, which lets readers submit a link to a blog entry. It seems like a really awesome way to let you share links from your blog, or other people’s blogs, so other readers can take a look!

So, let’s kick this experiment off. Pick a post from your blog that you are most proud of this week, and post it using this McLinky doobywacker. Then go and read some of the links other bloggers have posted! Do make sure that you post just one, your BEST one, and that you include the direct link to the post as well as a description that will entice readers to your entry.


  1. Thanks, and cheers for putting your link up! I thought it'd be a more democratic way of promoting blogs, rather than relying on my (patchy at best) attempts at keeping up with the swiftly moving blogosphere.

  2. Linky posts are a great way to network. I've attached the most recent Polly Dolly post which is a MeMe I started a couple of weeks ago. I know you love fashion too so I thought it might interest you. I hope you play along, every week there is a new theme :)

  3. hey, there, i'm new to your blog and i'm liking it.
    random tidbit (i lived in brisbane for 5 months, and i love it there, but i can see why you want to move to arty melbourne)

    here's one of my own favorite blog posts about childhood memories, pets, and the olfactory system

  4. Thank you! Also, do make sure you pop your link up in the McLinky tool – you may not get as many click throughs if you're buried on the comments!

  5. That's a really awesome project, and a great use of posterous too! Do make sure you pick your favourite entry of the week and pop the link up in the McLinky tool so your link isn't buried down here in the comments though :D

  6. oi, i didn't figure out what that box thing was. you're correct in calling it the doobywacker. correction received.

  7. Great idea!

    My blog has quite literally, nothing to do with yours, but I love your art and your work for fat girl equality. :) You're amazing.

    My blog, pretty much is entirely a parody of how anybody who has a Twitter account considers themselves a social media expert. This is a link to a post I wrote this week.

  8. What a great tool! More people should use this :) Just came across your blog today, and I'm totally loving it! Thanks for being a part of the blogosphere.

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