Pashmina weather

It’s the most brilliant time of the year here, when the weather gets milder! My lovely friend Kathleen bought this pashmina back from India for me, a gift I really treasure because it has paisley woven into it. I wore it the other night even though it was still pretty humid! I’m still loving the mesh leggings and I’m looking forward to taking them out in Melbourne town this week, perhaps with a differently coloured pair of tights underneath them. I’m excited and scared by Melbourne’s cold weather, I hope I pack appropriately!

Dress: City Chic
Leggings: Asos Curve
Shoes: Evans
Brooch: Peta Pledger
Pashmina: Gift from Kathleen
Bag: Dangerfield

If you are new to my blog thanks to Jezebel, or by way of any number of awesome people who reposted or retweeted it, allow me to extend my warm welcome and a plate of mushroom and spinach dumplings to you. I’m absolutely blown away at the response to my entry and I’m loving the sense of community I feel right now.

Here is a nice welcome present! My friend Kiki’s band Noise Generation and a song she just uploaded. <3


  1. You are so cool. I love your attitude and the way you dress and your artwork (omg!). Keep it up, girl.

  2. That look is so cute and classy. Love it! And thanks for sharing that song. Gives me hopes in contemporary music. :D

  3. I love this outfit, you look great. I also like that brooch, rather too much and keep having a peek at the website..:)

  4. Your outfit is really cute! Love the rose print on your dress and your pashmina adds a great pop of colour.

    I'm in Melbourne, and it's been wet and cold all week, perfect for layers, boots and scarves. Don't forget your brolly! :)

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