Love ya Mum

Today is Mother’s Day in Australia, so my family had lunch together. It was kids (mostly all grown up now!), Mums, Dads and Grandmothers with everyone bringing a plate of something yummy. It’s nice to share meals like this, and I often take for granted how great and big my family is.

I made some cards…

Mother's Day 2010
My sister made profiteroles.

Mother's Day 2010
Mum, Nana and Granma.

Mother's Day 2010
The lovely ladies.


I made carrot cupcakes, delish!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mothers, and to all your mothers and you, if you’re a mother.


  1. I need those carrot cupcakes in my life! mmmmmmmm
    Love the group picture, I wonder why mother's day isn't the same internationally?

  2. Those cards of yours are incredible Natalie! They are gorgeous.

    I made carrot cake cupcakes for my mum too, but oh, the icing on yours is sooo much fancier ;) That's it. I need a piping bag thingey.

  3. What wonderful cards. We celebrated Mother's Day a few months ago here in Scotland and I baked cakes for my mum & gran along with handmade cards. I think the personal touch is so much better than generic shop bought things!

  4. How good do the profiteroles and carrot cupcakes look. YUMMO!!! Plus the lovely girls look pretty too!! :)

  5. 4 things:
    Your family is lovely.
    Those cards are beautiful! I'm trying to figure out how you made them… hint hint
    You're killing me with the cupcakes.
    Is the dog playing with a penis toy? No judgment, just asking…

  6. HAHA! No it's not a penis toy! I'm cracking up!
    It was originally attached to a string, but that's long gone now. We call it Molly's “baby”, and whenever you say “baby” she goes nuts!

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