City Chic Bourke St happenings

I know a lot of plus size bloggers love a bit of Aussie plus size brand City Chic so I couldn’t resist posting these photos of the Bourke St store refit. I always check out City Chic in Bourke St when I’m in Melbourne because I find things there that I’ve never seen at the Chermside store or online. This time my debit card would be spared another drag through the eftpos machine but I was curious to see what was happening. The store has taken over the tenancy behind and is now officially massive. The walls look to be painted black and there’s a white grid-like structure stuck to the wall.

There’s no word when the Bourke St store will be back open but for now they’ve got a temporary shop next to the Quest Hotel on Bourke St.

City Chic have also established a page on facebook, so you can “like” the label and stay up to date with the latest news. Hayley and Gabi are now contributing to the Inside City Chic blog now too! (Though, CC social media people, I suggest a feed be added to the facebook page for maximum publicity… nudge nudge!)


  1. Whenever I'm in Melbourne, it's for work, so I usually only see the drive from the airport to the hotel, to a part of the uni & back. I managed to get a few hours before a flight last year & stumbled across the Bourke St Store. I remember being a little shocked because it still have a 'big city chic' sign! But I agree, they did have some item's i'd not seen in store or online!

    Can't wait to see the finished design, the cube structure certainly looks interesting!

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