A new sketchbook for me

The other week I took some time to draw for myself, an unusual occurrence in the last six months – something I’ve desperately missed. I don’t know if any of these drawings are finished just yet, but I’ll be sure to put them up in my store when they are. (Yes, store! You can buy my drawings and other things I make if you like them enough.)

I’m hoping to do a bunch of these little drawings and put them up for sale.

I got a little Moleskine sketchbook so I can doodle and experiment. I promise, it won’t be pretty at all. I have a feeling this tiny sketchbook might be experimental and journal-like.

This was inspired by an article about French women who’d rather continue smoking than give it up and possibly gain weight. You know fat hatred and fear is not about health when people would rather smoke than get fat. In English the phrase means “better dead than fat”.

Do check out my store! Some framed pieces that are currently interstate are coming back to me soon, so they will be up in time too.


  1. I just want to tell you that you're an amazing artist. I love your style, your political slant (because, like gender, weight is political), and your blog. In fact, why don't we just get married already? I'm sure our husbands could get over it.

  2. I've never commented here, but I had to unlurk to tell you that your art is amazing. I particularly love the first one, it's so beautiful.

  3. LOVE this post. LOVE your pictures and art. I have just sat and LOOKED at this post for a couple of days. REALLY GREAT. x.

  4. Those are amazing! My moleskins are filled with indicipherable scribble about article ideas that hardly ever eventuate.

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