Vintage Garage Exhibition

A few weeks ago my work was in an exhibition as part of the launch of Vintage Garage, a Melbourne store selling rare and unique and nostalgic things. It’s a bit strange having work appear in interstate shows but it’s also very exciting! I’m also really happy that the shows I’ve been doing lately aren’t typical gallery shows, it’s proof that I don’t have to be part of the very flawed gallery system in Australian art. One day I’d love to organise my own solo show, but I just worry that my organisational skills aren’t especially fabulous considering the amount of work I know goes into coordinating an exhibition! I’m always really appreciative of people like Sheridan Mills, who arranged the Vintage Garage show, and Renee-Anne who coordinates Leeloo‘s shows (like the recent Disband) – they’ve got some organisational chops for sure.

Anyway, Sheridan just sent me some photos of the opening night at Vintage Garage so I’ll pop a few in here! The other artists in the show were: Kat Weir, Ali J, Eirryn Porter, Linda Fährlin and Andrea Innocent.

Photo of a shop with the hood of a red car in the center of the room, people crowded around talking to each other.

Photo of four framed artworks (mine!) on a wall with two display cases left and right.

Photo of a wall on the right side of a narrow corridor with framed artworks.

Photo of a couple of shelves of a display case with a view to framed artworks on the wall behind it.