If you can’t be nice, Bea Sweet?

I am so sorry about that heading. No I’m not, I couldn’t think of another title! What isn’t awful and groan inducing are these magnificent photos I found by way of Lauren this morning. Bea Sweet is a UK make up artist who is fantastically talented. Sweet also works as a model, and I really really need to show you these wonderful photos from a shoot by Sayaka for Ballad Of magazine.

A black and white photo of a pale skinned plus size model wearing a curly blonde wig with tulle pulled over her head. Her hand clutches at the tulle on her chest and she's wearing jewellery draped over her hand with big bangles.

A photo of a pale skilled plus size model in a big pale wig lying at the bottom of the frame, the picture is fragmented a little.

A black and white fragmented photo of a pale skinned plus size model looking very Virgin Mary with a large white aura of feathers (I think!) around her head.

A head shot of a pale skinned plus size woman with various plummy colours superimposed over her. Her head is wrapped and she's wearing heavy eye and lip make up.

A photo of a pale skinned plus size woman in a white tulle-layered dress on a black background.


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