Tshirts, stickers and gym bags!

Image of Red Bubble products with fat positive statements.

Just a quick post to alert everyone to the fact that I’ve finally updated my Red Bubble account with recent work. Horah! I was intentionally holding off until I could afford to fund my own print venture but it’s not going to happen for another few months at least so I thought I’d throw them on Red Bubble in the meanwhile. I also added some fat positive designs you can buy in tshirt, hoody or sticker form!

Image of cafepress products: two black tshirts and a gym bag.
Because Red Bubble do not offer womens’ plus sizes I have also started a Cafe Press store, where you can buy a fat positive gym bag if you’re a subversive fatty ;)

Now go forth and desensitise people to the “f word”!


  1. I've got my eye on one or two postcards that I'd love to frame in IKEA postcard frames to add the finishing touches to my hall.

    I just have to sand the floor, stain the wood and paint the walls first!
    Amazing work..

  2. Buh! For some reason my desktop computer hates redbubble and never loads for me, I shall however try it on my netbook later because I love your art & the 'fat' looks gorgeous!

  3. I love it. You have to own your fatness and fabulousness. Lane Bryant are a bunch of stuffy jerkfaces.

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