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An art nouveau era posta for Job cigarette papers in which a young pale skinned woman in a helmet and lots of jewels smokes a cigarette as her hair flicks around her.
One of my favourite artists is Alphonse Mucha, and if you thought this poster looked a lot like his work you’ll be interested to know about Manuel Orazi – the designer of this poster. I love the detail in this, particularly the jewels on the neck of her dress. Gorgeous! Art Nouveau cigarette posters are so beautiful, I’d really love to buy a few prints to hang at home.

A young woman sits on a couch, surrounded by hundreds of brightly frosted cupcakes.
This comes from Vogue Girl Korea, and other than that all I know about this photograph is that it’s part of a shoot for the magazine and features this plus sized model surrounded by food. It’s an image that causes conflict in the old brain hole because
a) yay cupcakes and plus size modesl!
b) heyyyy… we’re still stuck in that stereotype :(
It’s a gorgeous photo at any rate.

A photo of two adjacent walls with two big old windows with a gorgeous view to a green garden.
Dream home porn time! I’m all about gardens that impose on living spaces and this room is right out of my fantasies! I can so imagine sitting on that bench and sketching things or reading books. Apparently this home and garden belong to Michael Trapp – you can see more pictures at Desire to Inspire.

Photo of a young pale skinned young woman with platinum/ purple toned hair.
I think Kelly Osbourne is terribly cute, especially with that hair! Grey hair fascinates me, and even though I’d love to try this hair colour I don’t know if my poor old follicles could handle all the bleach. I do love it though. I hope lots of people go and get grey hair, it’s hot!

Detail photo of an embroidered piece of fabric with a brightly coloured bird sitting in a tree with paisley-like symbols as the foliage.
Birds and paisley and embroidery! I do have a soft spot in my heart for all of these things. I have done a little embroidery recently but I hope I get more time to practice because this is really inspiring. This piece was posted by sarah the pirate whose grandmother actually embroidered it.

You may have noticed…

The site looks a little bit different! I’ve changed the layout a tad and made things a little cleaner (in my opinion!) If you’re reading the feed, come over and take a look.


  1. Oh my God, I love that cigarette poster. And I don't generally like cigarettes OR art nouveau. But that's the first image in AWHILE that had an aesthetic interesting enough to distract me from my current aesthetic obsession, Marie Antoinette.

    Oh, and that embroidery is just beautiful.

    But most of all: I LOVE that picture! The idea of it being a stereotype doesn't bother me. In fact, I find that image kind of liberating. I'm overweight, so I'm really self-conscious about what I eat. I'm always worried someone is looking on and saying “well, no wonder you're fat.” Because it just doesn't seem to be socially acceptable to really enjoy your food anymore, unless you're super skinny, and then it's amusing and novel. But I LOVE food. And this plus-sized girl–who is just adorable and chic, by the way–surrounded by delicious-looking cupcakes really speaks to that insecurity and soothes it for some reason.

  2. Oh wow natalie, the new website layout is great!! A lot cleaner too I agree, and so much easier to read! Well done :)

  3. After you mentioned the header image issue, I thought about fixing up a few things (ps what browser do you use?) but then I decided to go for the big overhaul as I'd been wanting to do it for months!

  4. I think the Vogue Girl shoot does have a lot of the reclaiming vibe (or, that's how lots of us are interpreting it!) and I do adore it on so many levels. When I saw the rest of the shoot (and I'm kicking myself for not saving the url) I got a bit disheartened to see food – big, lavish, binge food – featured in every frame. So, viewed in the context of the whole spread there's a lot of stereotypical stuff happening, but viewed alone the photo is just gorgeous and lovely.

  5. I used to do that too but my colour printer has pretty much died and my LaserJet doesn't work with my mac after upgrading to Snow Leopard. It's crap not having a printer!! /rant

  6. HAHA I know right?! The only reason we have a printer right now is that when our roomie moved in, she brought one with her. It is its own kind of frustrating, since it was supposed to be wireless and has failed miserably at that, but oh well, what can you do.

  7. that poster is beautiful!

    i actually saw kelly osbourne last month, she and sharon were grand marshals of the LA pride parade. her hair looks way more lavender in person! it's sooo cool.

  8. That poster is amazing!! I got to go to the Mucha Museum when I visited Prague a couple of years ago and just about died, it was so amazing. Strangely I'm not a huge art nouveau fan but Mucha is one of my most favourite arists, I love the intricacy and sometimes over the top beauty of his work.

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