Photo of a red teacup full of black tea with big white polkadots sitting on a cream doily, which is sitting on a blue tablecloth.

5 Lessons Learned/ 5 Favourites

Amelia Pontes has been doing this thing for the last few weeks called 5 Lessons Learned and 5 Favourites and I really like it as a meditation on the week gone. I might respectfully rip her off and do my own reflection here… and I think it would be awesome if lots of beautiful, self-aware bloggers did it too!

Photo of a red teacup with big white polkadots filled with black tea. The teabag is wound around the handle, and the teacup sits on a cream doily which sits on a blue tablecloth.

5 Lessons Learned

1. It’s hard to stand up for myself. And that’s ok, I’ve just got to keep practicing.
2. I’m still afraid of rejection and I keep pre-empting rejection. It’s a self fulfilling prophesy!
3. Don’t consult Dr Google. Dr Google got his qualification on the internet.
4. When I get overwhelmed I need to drink some tea and breathe (of course it’s preferable to breathe while making tea) and catch my thoughts and turn them into to-do lists.
5. Write lists all the time.

Close up shot of my feet wearing black court style shoes with a low wedge heel. They're a bit shiny!

5 Favourites

1. Drinking wine with friends, the opening night audience, cast and crew of [Title of Show] at the Powerhouse. Brisbane has so many lovely moments. They are usually hidden and secret moments and thus are especially rewarding.
2. Parcels! Do I really need to explain further?
3. Crossing things off my list and not being disappointed in myself when I only cross a few things off a day. Achievements are achievements.
4. Comfortable and cute shoes (pictured). They are Softspots, one of the only truly actually comfortable brands of shoes I have ever bought. I’ve gotta look after my feet, with the T1D and all!
5. Hal-coholic and her fantastic shoes that I can never hope to wear. I live vicariously through this blog.

Will you reflect on your 5 lessons learned and 5 favourites? (PSSST: I think you should.)


  1. I just read your 5 lessons learned/5 favourites and you have inspired me to do the same – now I’m learning from you! xxlove mum

  2. If you’re looking for a different doctor to Dr. Google, I highly recommend Dr. NHS website (that’s Britain’s national health service). The “Health A-Z” section on there is what I use to decide if I need a doctor in real life and it doesn’t usually frighten the crap out of me:

    I love reading Amelia’s 5 lessons/5 favourites post and I really enjoyed yours too.
    I might give it a go when it’s not 3am for me, lol.

  3. Our five lessons learned are very similar, particularly the sticking up for yourself and pre-empting rejection. I’d add 1) not everyone will like you, and that’s okay. 2) At age 42, I rue the years that I spent being hard on my body and body-image.

    Favorites: Right there with you on parcels, wine with friends, and comfy-but-cute shoes. I’d have to add iced coffee adn variegated yarn.

  4. OMG… I think I am going to have to do this… I love it! :) Thank you for this and yes, standing up for yourself is a hard one i have been learning! :)

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