1. I love these so much. But in that first picture, you spelled “fantastic artist” incorrectly. ;)

  2. Fabulous work! One day I will have my own art gallery and I will be asking you to have a solo show in it.

    True story. x

  3. These are fantastic! I especially love the silhouette with the patterned blue over the top. And the crying one. And the FAT one. And the seize 24 one.

    Ok. So I guess I like them all very much :D

  4. I ESPECIALLY love “Do you have that is a size 24 please” – Oh, I would LOVE postcards of that to leave at shops who DON’T stock my size! I’d probably write (in a variation of what Erin from A Dress A Day wrote several years ago”) “You’d be seeing my credit card instead of this card if you only carried [whatever the item is] is [my size]”. LOVE IT!!!!

  5. “not yr fantasy” is totally my fantasy! i especially love the boobs and i am seconding the prints please comment.

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