Fun! Fearless! Female! Me?!

A very pink graphic that says Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female with a silhouette of a thin pink woman and the Libra logo.

I was surprised and stoked to hear I’d been nominated in this year’s Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Awards in the Blogger category. What? Me! I’m just a lady who takes photos and draws and writes about stuff, and I honestly didn’t think there would be any recognition in future for me when I registered this domain.

I’m very proud to recognised as one of an emerging movement of people who want representation and normalisation in the mainstream media. It’s probably just through sheer bombardment of photos and writing and illustrations and other stuff that I’ve managed to wiggle my way into people’s consciousness and I’m glad you’ve let me in, and then started your own conversations about body image and size acceptance with yet more people.

That Cosmopolitan thought I was worthy of a run in this year’s awards is pretty amazing to me, and it gives me hope that in the future we can see a diverse range of bodies seen and heard in the media and not strictly the white, young, thin, conventionally beautiful and able bodied standard that is overwhelmingly present right now. I want my regular and new readers to understand this: you are valid, human and worthy of taking your fabulous self down the street being visible and awesome; and I want the media to recognise that we of the fance demand representation and respect.

A screen shot of my profile from the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female site displaying a photo of me next to my profile. Click to read full text.

The first round of voting closes on May 9 and the three nominees in each category will go through to the final round of voting starting June 6 and closing July 18. The overall winner will wins $10k, an amount of money I’d be pretty gobsmacked to see and would probably put straight towards developing a plus size clothing label!

Pop over here to check out my profile and cast your vote.


  1. A HUGE congrats to you!

    I’d never normally have a reason to visit the Cosmopolitan site, but I’ll certainly be visiting to cast my vote for you. :)

  2. I absolutely voted for you! Your voice needs to be heard and out there. Good luck.

  3. That is so amazing! I just ran across your blog randomly and I am so glad I Did. I will vote for you because I myself just started my own little activist blog and am finding so many cool ones laltely like yours. Its always so good to see that there are so many people out there working on change :) Good luck with this! I’m off to vote.


  4. Voted! (although they don’t actually have any T&C’s to agree to when you click the link at the end of the entry form…)

  5. Hi! i stumbled upon your blog while browsing online for female blogs. I love it. I am a new blogger and I just want to tell you that I like the way you write. Keep the posts coming. Will definitely keep on coming back ;) And oh lovely layout too.

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