Nesting doll winner announcement!

A photo of the nesting doll with all dolls packed away inside. It's painted turquoise and white with gold accents and paisley motifs. Hand lettering in a thought bubble says, "Who won us?"

It’s time to announce the winner of the nesting doll set…


A screenshot of's random number generator picking number 174 out of 250 entries.

I exported the results from my survey and opened them in Excel, then I went to to pick a random number. It chose number 174 and on line 174 was…

A photo of the five nesting dolls from smallest to biggest. A speech bubble from the four smaller dolls proclaims, "It was Caitlin! Congratulations!" A banner down the bottom of the photo says, "Thanks for all your feedback!"

Caitlin’s survey response! I’ve already emailed her to congratulate her and ask for her postage details. My nesting dolls will be making their way to her place in New Zealand. Horah!

Thank you to the 250 people who filled out my blog survey over the last week and a bit. Now I have heaps of information for my media kit and I’ve already begun to use your feedback to make useful changes to my blog.

I like doing giveaways! I’d love to find more stuff to giveaway so if you’re a business or maker of nice stuff and would like to host a giveaway on my blog you should get in touch with me. It’s good fun :D

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