These things came out of my pen.

A pen drawing of objects like blouses, dresses, shorts, bike tights, a satchel, swimming togs, sunglasses, marker pens etc. Lettering says, "Things I want but can't afford right now."

I’m trying really really hard not to let this drawing thing go, but I have a feeling I over-did it yesterday. That’s the sort of thing that I’m really good at, I throw myself into something until I burn out! I’d rather not burn out, in fact it kind of scares me, so I will try to take it easy today. This drawing was my warm up, things I want to get before summer starts. It was quite calming drawing this list because I usually forget things I need or, if I have money, I spend it on things that are unnecessary!

Maybe I can draw more lists as warm ups in the future. How about:

  • Things in my drawers
  • Favourite art tools
  • Objects on my shelves
  • Stuff on Nick’s desk
  • ????? (I’ve run out of ideas!)
A pen drawing of a chai latte surrounded by cupcakes, cinnamon sticks, tea leaves, ginger plants and plaits weaving around them all.
A pen drawing of a cut tomato and a whole tomato, some truss tomatos, basil and garlic.

Then I finished off the top drawing and almost immediately after started doodling tomatoes. I’ve kept these illustrations uncoloured and unshaded because I’ve decided to keep drawing my cravings and see if I turn out enough to fill up a colouring book!


  1. Awesome. I love the truss tomatoes. If I could draw I would draw brussel sprouts on their stalks. I think they looks beautiful like that.

  2. I adore the cravings theme! I love how you’ve grouped them, they would look fab coloured and framed! Would make a sweel colouring book.

  3. very good idea to draw what you wanna have but cant afford yet. i’ll copy this and it’ll please my husband ;-) i wish 4 u that you earn as much money with your wonderful talents, so that you can afford all that you want! a virtual hug from Nat Bluna Gazpacha, Germany

  4. hello! i came across your blog super randomly and i am legitimately impressed by your drawings! they are very nice and i would like to commend you on them

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